Six Week Look Ahead - Level 3

In the 6 Week Look Ahead, you’ll assign a specific duration to each phase of work and lay them out on weekly planning boards, allotting for every work day in a week. You’ll identify and flag constraints, discuss handoffs of work and conditions of satisfaction, and mark target conditions. This is the stage where teams make a commitment…a promise…to complete a set of tasks each week based on realistic projections. It’s where they plan how they’ll make work ready for each other—where the accountability of the project becomes real for everyone.

The granular breakdown of the work tasks is the core basis for the 6 Week Look Ahead. Combined with honest, respectful communications between the trades and leadership by the GC or facilitator, this intensified project review presents the team with a reliable view of the work ahead of them. Through repeated analysis of what we Plan, Do, Check, and Adjust, the Look-Ahead presents opportunities to eliminate waste and add value to the overall process.

The 6 Week Look Ahead provides a more detailed view of your project’s tasks by:

  • Visualizing the project workflow.
  • Identifying deliveries and inspections.
  • Uncovering and removing constraints that block work from being completed as scheduled.
  • Ensuring reliable hand-offs of work.
  • Creating teamwork, camaraderie, and accountability for the project’s success.

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