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Video Training Library

Introduction to the Last Planner System

In Lean Construction, the method is the goal. We create a system focused on continuous, incremental improvement; respect for all team members; and doing the right work right the first time. In an industry that completes only 54% of the planned work in a given week,...

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Phase Pull Plan – Level 2

On a typical construction project, the hand-off of work often isn’t reliable and flow of production is not steady. The dates and durations of the schedule are determined by a few people who aren’t involved with the day-to-day tasks. Your team needs to consider the...

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Six Week Look Ahead – Level 3

In the 6 Week Look Ahead, you’ll assign a specific duration to each phase of work and lay them out on weekly planning boards, allotting for every work day in a week. You’ll identify and flag constraints, discuss handoffs of work and conditions of satisfaction, and...

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Weekly Work Plan – Level 4

At the Weekly Work Planning Sessions, visual planning logs specify accountability for every task. The team maintains a Constraint Log with dates and responsible individuals for resolution. A Parking Lot log identifies questions that need to be answered to plan the...

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Daily Huddle

The Daily Huddle Meetings begin once the Weekly Work plans have been established. They are held at either the very end or beginning of the work day and are usually no more than 15 minutes long. The Daily Huddle Meeting lets the team review what’s been promised for...

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LCI Gemba Training

Unified Works' Rich Seiler co-led the 2016 LCI conference Gemba Walks seminar and helped produce video training materials. This overview of the Gemba Walk process touches on key points and provides examples of effective Gemba Walk strategies.

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