Weekly Work Plan - Level 4

At the Weekly Work Planning Sessions, visual planning logs specify accountability for every task. The team maintains a Constraint Log with dates and responsible individuals for resolution. A Parking Lot log identifies questions that need to be answered to plan the work. The Variance and Percent Plan Complete Log identifies when committed work is not completed and why. It provides an overview of how well the team is keeping to their committed work promises. The goal of the sessions is to stay out in front of these issues.

The process of circling back to check and evaluate completed tasks is a vital piece of the Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle in the Lean Construction process. It’s important to realize the accuracy of your planning efforts. With consistent re-evaluation of the work, we can properly assess if the overall objectives of eliminating waste and adding value are being met.

Weekly Work Planning Sessions reinforce critical components of process improvement by:

  • Tracking outstanding constraints and resolving them in a timely manner.
  • Uncovering areas of potential improvement.
  • Tracking the accuracy of planned work.
  • Assessing and adjusting future work based on findings from past.

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